Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tokina 12-24mm DX Zoom lens

The Tokina 12-24mm DX Zoom lens is a terrific lens, but it seems to have an annoying problem. The front ring, that the lens shade attaches to was wobbling.
I guess over time it got loose. It's easy to miss this as it's happening, it can seem like it's supposed to be like this.
Nope.  The good part is that none of the bits that are wobbling or that I'm going to tell you to mess with have any effect on the performance of the lens.
Here's the fix. It's easy
At the front there is the detachable lens shade (and lens cap of course)
Attached to the lens body are the wobbly outside part (like a tube) and the stepped black surround to the front lens element.
If you're having the problem I had, when you wiggle the lens you'll hear a rattle--that is three little screws loose inside...
First you'll have to remove the stepped lens surround. There are two notches for a lens wrench. I just poked my finest phillips head electronics/computer/camera screw driver in one of the notch and it easily rotated counter-clockwise. A few turns and it comes off.
Be careful because as soon as it comes off the wobbly part will come right off and the loose screws can fall out.
Now you can see what the problem is. These screws need to be reinserted.
There are two sets of holes in the loose piece offset by about 10 degrees. There are three issues to deal with.
First, is there any dust in there? I didn't see any.
Second, what's going to keep them falling out again? I put some Locktite on each of them. (Does this work on plastic? I hope so).
And third, which holes to use?
Not hard to figure out. Put the lens on the camera body the shade on the wobbly part; then set it on the lens. It'll be very clear which set of holes to use. For me it was the ones on the left side as you look at the front of the lens.
Take off the lens shade, dip the screw threads in a little bubble of LockTite and screw them in.
Then screw in the stepped-black-surround, I just used my fingertips.
It's all tight and good.

I included this because I found some information when I was trying to figure out this problem, but nothing specific to this lens and this exact problem.
Of course there were numerous postings of people who've had this problem, but little information (unless I missed it).
Yes,  you're absolutely correct--I should've included photos. However, I don't think any one reads this blog. If anyone actually needs photos. Let me know, I'll take the front bit off my lens ....

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