Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY Perfect binding Notebooks

I filled up my first DIY notebook. On March 1, I started using my second DIY notebook. I just love these notebooks. I made the lines fainter, by making them thinner and dotted. I also added a copyright line--but don't let that stop you from making one for yourself.

Something about them suits me just right. They're cheap, have plenty of room (200 pages 35 lines each); that and my new cheap Pilot Plumix calligraphy pen. Look them up. A $12 fountain pen with a calligraphy nib,  Down strokes are wide, side strokes are narrow. It's not like making wedding invitations. I just wanted to try the nib out, it's cheap enough, and I don't think Pilot can make a scratchy fountain pen nib. I wasn't wrong.

What I like is that the calligraphy nib seems to make my writing a little neater and easier to read (maybe--I might be wrong, typing up my writing seems kind of slow). And when I recently looked at some of Charles Dickens' writing, he cut his feather pen to a similar nib. Now at last I can write like Charles Dickens even if I'm a long way from writing like Charles Dickens.

I'm also sure his fingers were as ink smudged as mine. Before you stop using cartridges and just fill up the barrel with Bulletproof (permanent) Noodler's--make sure you've filled any holes and use an O-ring.

If anyone is at all interested... I'll be happy to post some images, post a 200 page blank document of just page numbers.... and possibly a video on how to make one of these notebooks. Happy to share.

It's March 18 and I'm 80 pages into the new notebook. There is a fetishistic aspect to writing. A new pen, a new notebook, some little thing and a writer writes. Consider I've spent my afternoon writing on a computer. I'm either busy or just don't know when to shut up. I'll do that now.

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