Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kayak: Electric Pump Whale SUPERSUB Submersible Auto Pump650 gph

Quick note:
I've installed a Whale Supersub Auto Pump 650 gph following the basic guidelines of Mark in CKF and Gnarlydog.
My battery box is almost exactly the same as Gnarlydog's but on top is a wireless receiver/relay unit (AGT 12V Waterproof Wireless Remote Control DC Universal 2-Channel Output)
At this point, YES to the remote Control, but MAYBE NO for the pump. 

The wireless remote set-up works flawlessly. I can turn the pump on from inside my house. It's in the back hatch of my kayak, there seem to be no signal issues. 
Also as the unit is rated for 5 amps 12 VDC, it's enough to run the pump. The pump has an automatic sensor feature that I don't use. 
The pump seems to have a priming problem. It appears that an air bubble gets trapped in the strumbox, propeller area and it just spins pumping nothing. Sometimes it takes a full minute before it starts pumping. 

I'll post photos and video and I'll contact Whale about the problem. There's a small air bleeder fitting on the strumbox, it's clear, but it may have some issue. 

Many if not most self-rescues for a kayaker results in water sloshing around the cockpit--destabilizing the craft with the standard method of bailing being the stick-pump. This has long concerned me. First is the reason why you flipped in the first place, rough seas? but now second, you have water sloshing around further destabilizing your 'yak, but now you have to use the hands you need on your paddle to operate the stick pump. 

For a few years I thought a foot pump was the answer. I designed and installed a footbrace, with a Guzzler pump in the middle and I added hinged peddles for the rudder and kite surfing foot hold downs. 

Another 'fix' I installed is a carbon fiber wrapped wood post on a thin piece of plywood, hotglued to the bottom of the hull. On the post I place weightlifting weights. Yesterday I paddled with 22 extra pounds. After I landed I reduced the weight to only 10 pounds, 5 fore and 5 in the aft hatch and that seemed more than enough. This is in a Guillemot Mystery, 20' long and about 18" wide--very tippy boat. The weights are like training wheels. 

More later.

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